Malai Freight Forwarders ltd

MALAI FREIGHT FORWARDERS LTD (MFF) is a limited company established on 22nd December 1982 to provide expert logistics management resources to meet our client's challenges. Our goal is to lead the regional marketplace in the production of quality logistics solutions by strategic use of resources, development and implementation of automation systems, and training for 21st century technology. The MFF commitment to satisfy our corporate goal is reflected in our efforts and purpose, and sustained by internal and external examination and recognition.


Our ability to grasp present opportunities and project the future while communicating the changes will provide MFF a leadership advantage. We must realize that progress often times means change. We focus on our goals and refocus them as required by these changes. Our performance towards these goals should show regular accomplishment and profit, or we must correct the inaccuracies.


Being a gold member of the WORLD CARGO ALLIANCE, MFF assures all her clients that no matter where you want to take or acquire your goods from across the globe, a partner will be at hand to provide customized logistics solutions. With over 4,000 members spread right across the globe WORLD CARGO ALLIANCE has afforded Malai Freight Forwarders Ltd the opportunity to serve her clients efficiently, effectively and on record time.